Let Joe-Ann help you count the ways for using her Jelly and Jams.  Just as the flavor varieties have expanded, so have the variety of uses.  They can be used in your favorite recipes.  For breakfast the jellies can be added to such items as home-made jelly-filled rolls and as a baked-on topping for coffee cake and toast.

The most abundant use for the jams and jellies occur in the dessert category.  They can fill baked apples for a hot or cold treat and can be mixed in with apple tarts.  The jams can be baked in cakes and in the making of a cheesecake and various other dessert toppings and fruit bars.  My Strawberry with Frangelico served over waffles and ice cream is to die for.

Peach with Amaretto, Apricot with Grand Marnier used to baste pheasant or chicken will have them asking for more. I would love to know if you have presented my Jelly and Jams in unusual ways. 

Blackberry with Brandy 

Raspberry with Chambord

If you feel bored, experiment with my products on versatile spreads and let your palate enjoy.