A jelly and jam maker extraordinaire, Joe-Ann resides in Alleghany, California and takes pride that her homemade products use hand selected fruits from local farm growers.  A California State Fair Blue Ribbon winner and Sweepstakes winner of five California county fairs receiving over 250 awards not only for her delicious and unusual jams and jellies, but also various preserves and baked goodies. Her sumptuous home style products are chock full of goodness and natural ingredients to make them the perfect spread and accompaniment.  

Joe-Ann's Gourmet Jelly and Jams are 100% free of preservatives and meticulously prepared the old fashioned way in very small batches.

You'll always be pleased and delighted with her fine and unusual products.  Each is packaged to provide much pleasure in the giving or receiving.

Joe-Ann has a secret recipe for making clover honey. It was the only thing she put up other than various vegetables while living in Chicago.  Joe-Ann began making clover honey while living in Chicago. In 1981 she moved to Napa, California.  She thought she would never find the clover she needed for her honey in California. One day while driving near Beale Air Base, Joe-Ann found the clover needed in making her honey. She then moved to the town of Benicia where she began making her honey and the beginning of her entries into the County and State Fairs. She began her jam and jelly making in 1983.

In 1992 she moved to Alleghany, a historic gold mining town set in the Sierra Nevada Mountains at 4,419 feet above sea level with a population of 121, where the lifestyle is a  step back in time. 

At this time Joe-Ann makes a variety of eight Jelly and Jams.  Each picture of her product is accompanied with the awards received, a description of taste and unique ways of presenting them.

For the main meal, Joe-Ann's Gourmet Jelly and Jams can be used as a dipping sauce for chicken wings and in your favorite gravy recipe or sauce concoction.  They can be used as a baste on wild game, a glaze for ham, beef or pork and a condiment with poultry.  Appease the crowed with a quick hors d'oeuvres of her Onion Garlic, Hot Pepper or Mild Pepper served on a Ritz cracker or Bagel with cream cheese.  You can use them as a condiment with meats and fish.  Basting Bar B Q ribs  minutes before serving will keep the cook busy and friends pleased.